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Waterbury Fire Department Standard Operating Guidelines

Official Policies of the Waterbury Fire Department


Waterbury Fire Department 2018 Companies

Fire Chief Gary Dillon

Assistant Chief Charles Pelkey, Assistant Chief Ken Sargent

Battalion Chief Randy Fisk, Sr., Battalion Chief Steven Guyette

Training Officer:  Lieutenant Kyle Guyette

Training Committee: Battalion Chief Sally Dillon, Captain Scott Wells

Training Committee Assistants: Lieutenant Chris Wood, Lieutenant Randy Fisk Jr.

Company 1 Company 2 Company 3 Company 4
Lt. Raymond Capt. Lamson Capt. Woodard Lt. Lamson
Nick Haslam Matt Jones Ryan Foster George Aitken
Dave Cutler Dan Farr Michael Frank Stan Morse
Rene Morse John Pitrowiski Brian Schwartz Rick White
Cody Quenneville Darren Jones Chris Longchamp Brad Roy
Aaron Simmers Dakota Metayer Matt Abair Stacey Currier
Justin Cantwell Emily Miller Parker Merchant Grant Thorn
Jake Wells Connor Beck Rob Dornfried Joey Raymond
Dick White Bob Grace Sam Grandfield Colin Green
    Bob Jones Rick Davey

****Green = Interior or soon to be approved
****Red=Probationer    ****Yellow=Junior
White = Exterior Only



Fire Hat and Axe